About Us

About Africatimes

At Africatimes we put stock in individuals’ insight and that News doesn’t involve having biases. Africatimes is a media for all perspectives and voices, thoughts and points of view.

Africatimes intends to help an Africa Rising and to engage African individuals by offering access to free, dependable and pertinent national, territorial and worldwide news, business, culture, sport, sci-tech stories.

Africatimes is the new African news media, one of a kind in its idea and vision. africatimes covers sub-African and global news and business stories every minute of every day in French and English dialects from an African point of view. africatimes sticks to a similar publication contract as its sister channel Euronews, ensuring its freedom. afrAfricatimesicatimes is endeavouring to convey really right data in a non-shallow configuration. Uninfluenced by political interests, the Africatimes group of in excess of 85 expert writers and specialists from numerous African nations cooperate to serve the African crowd, driven by inflexible news coverage. africatimes work intimately with a broad system of journalists over the mainland.

On August, 2020, africatimes is propelled universally on all screens and media stages and is be accessible overall by means of africanews.com, worked to fit all gadgets, whatever the association accessible.

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